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Welcome to Irie Soul Bags! 

Hi, I'm Sara.  I created Irie Soul after being in the photography business for many years and not being satisfied with the camera bags that were available. 

The bags I used were either too big and bulky and plain or so small I had to also drag around a purse to my sessions or worse yet, hide my purse in the trunk of my car. 

The brand and design were inspired by my love of reggae music/culture and boho design.  With the help of an amazing team, I designed these beautiful camera bags and camera straps that are so unique in style and can double as your everyday bag.  It allows you to comfortably bring your DSLR and personal items with you everywhere!  They are completely handmade with gorgeous handloom fabric.  Also, check out our purses for when you don't want to bring your camera along.  I'm confident you'll love our products as much as I do!  Thanks for visiting our site!

Irie, adjective

  1. all right, feeling great; coolgoodnice.

  2. (Rastafari) in a state of peacefulness or harmony, either within oneself or with the world in general.

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